20 thought leaders,
2 days, 1 beach

Silicon Beach 2015 brings together the UK’s leading strategic thinkers, digital innovators and people who look at brands. They'll showcase their challenges and the challenges of the 21st century from a slightly different perspective.



Each year the event draws together an enviable programme of thinkers, creators and doers, from a wide variety of disciplines. They all have a common purpose of sharing their expertise and the latest innovative thinking that’s driving the rapid growth of not only the UK’s, but arguably the world’s, creative economy.


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Louisa Heinrich

Founder, Superhuman

Louisa believes that technology could give us all superpowers, but only if we apply it well - and that means putting people first. She is a consultant, designer, speaker and instigator at the edges of where technology enters our world.

Amy Kean

Amy Kean

Head of Futures for Havas Media

Amy is Head of Futures for Havas Media in the UK and runs Havas Media Labs - the thought leadership and innovation hub of the Havas Media Group. She spends most of her time studying the relationship between people and technology, and building a panic room for when robots eventually take over the world.

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A debt of gratitude is owed to a few visionary people for getting us here, not least of which is Bournemouth Borough Council and a succession of other credible national associations, such as:

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A great venue, only 50 yards from the beach.

Pavilion Dance, Westover Road, Bournemouth BH1 2BU